Plasma Cutting – Plasma Cutting and Its Various Advantages and Applications

Plasma CuttingWhile most are familiar with the word "plasma” as in conjunction with the qualities of a high-definition television, many would be surprised to learn that it is in fact an ionized gas it its fourth state. As such, it is able to conduct both heat and electricity effectively and, in turn, has a wide variety of practical uses beyond enhancing television screens.
Plasma is widely used as an effective means of cutting extremely durable materials such has stainless steel. Plasma cutting techniques have streamlined the metal cutting process and have increased the precision of cuts, as well as the timeframe it takes to complete a metal cutting job.
Adopted from plasma welding technology in the 1960s, the metal cutting world began more dependent upon the efficiency of plasma cutting in the 80s. Artists, fabricators, home renovators, contractors, and developers began to depend upon plasma cutting for a variety of the advantages it offered over the more traditional methods of metal cutting:
  • Clean, precise cuts – fine nozzles allow plasma to eject with laser-beam precision
  • High intensity power – ionized gas combined with compressed air and ejected through a concentrated area (the plasma arc or nozzle) creates unmatchable force
  • Time-Efficient – Plasma cutting does not require a heat up period
  • Clean workspace – other metal cutting methods produce large amounts of metal chips. Plasma cutting is a clean process
A factor of plasma cutting that has attracted so many is its ability to cut a variety of durable materials, making it an applicable practice for so many professions. For example, the renovation industry uses plasma cutting as a means of cutting materials like granite and marble, which can be found in kitchens, bathrooms and floors.
Those who work with electrically conducive materials also benefit from plasma cutting. The following materials can be cut with plasma:
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
The majority of those in the metal cutting profession have switched over to plasma cutting as a means of saving both time and money. The high-quality cuts leave little room for mistake and because plasma cutting equipment does not require a heat up time, fabricators are able to attend to more jobs.
While plasma cutting was once a very expensive process, it was usually only handled by professional welders or garage body shops. However, technology has enabled plasma cutting to be taken on by hobbyists and artists, as there have been a wide range of new handheld and more affordable plasma cutters introduced over the years.
However, unless experienced and highly trained on the safety practices involved with plasma cutting, it is best to source out an efficient plasma cutting company. The materials that are generally cut with plasma are usually quite pricey, meaning that any mistakes can end up being costly.
Professional cutting companies are able to offer precise, time-efficient plasma cutting services in order to protect the materials, as well as ensure safe methods are being practiced. By selecting a plasma cutting company, people can rest assured that their metal will be cut with the finest precision.
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